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About Us

ANR EAR always believed that no one knows music better than the people who use it as the soundtrack to their lives. The industry has become dominated by a few major record labels who have so much power and influence, but it’s an approach that’s at odds with what getting creative is all about. That’s why we’ve decided to change the game.

By creating an app that puts the power to launch a career, showcase talent, and connect with an audience, we’ve put creativity back into the hands of the artists. Without them the industry would be nowhere, so it’s only right we give them the freedom to do what they do best, without being constrained by the mainstream.

Our listener power location base app is the place to be discovered, and a place where the voice of every Listener matters.

Whether you’re an artist or a listener, we can’t wait for you to enjoy the future of the music industry.


ANR EAR empowering platform gets music artist  discovered, showcase and promote their music while rewarding the artists from listener location and create an immersive individualized music experience from listeners to artists.


Provide service to the community globally to music artists and listeners

ANR EAR future is supporting standout talent that will contend throughout many years to come, being an great service provided too many true pioneers dedicated to the music industry.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get to perform?

Every artist that performs at our events earned the slot send music to to get approved

When is the next event?

We will have all upcoming events on eventbrite, posted on our web and all social media accounts.

Is anr ear a music label?

No we are a platform.